Sunday, June 10, 2007

videos and reality

Dear Dazzy,

Ah, videos!

Today was Ok, honey. You'd be proud of me.

I still miss you horribly, and I cried once, but then I realized I had the whole night to myself-as I often do these days-and I figured I would see if I could watch one of the videos you shot for me back when you were in Oz and I was in TX. I figured the crying was out of my system so I thought,
" What would Dazzy do?"

I went for it :P

It was sad but hilarious! It was the one with you and the gold thong thingy that I had sent as a JOKE for Valentines day-and you put it on and strutted around the balcony of a Sydney Hotel during Mardi-Gras!
I knew right away when I saw that shot of you that you were going to be F-U-N to say the least.

I was correct. You were the most fun guy I have ever known. You never missed an opportunity to have a great time. I miss doing everything with you babe. From house renos to halloween drag queen contests, lol, you made my life intertesting to the nth degree.

Other shots show Arnie , the dog, all your freinds and family, and your Dad. It has New Years Eve on it from 2000-2001; your silly Christmas tree and pressies I sent back with you from your Sept visit, and the house in Box Hill...all great memories my sweet Roo-boy.

For that , I thank you , my love.


Kisses, Wifey

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