Thursday, April 03, 2008


Dear Dazzy, * * * * * * * * * *

In my quest to keep you name on everyone's lips-incuding mine-
I did a few things in your honor today. I bought a few trees in Yellowstone Park, via the Arbor Day Society.
They plant "Memory Trees" in honor of anyone you wish.
Got you five of 'em, babe.
Now you can watch them grow :)

As I looked around at different things on the 'net, I came across the Name-A-Star thingy.
We used to laugh about paying 45 bucks to do so, LOL when you really don't get anything but a piece of paper-but I found a free star name place and thought what the heck.

It has one set of "rules" for free, then other things are one and two dollars, like picking a hemisphere or an astrological sign. I passed on the spending, and stayed with the freebie.
It was an experience that was nothing short of astounding.

Here's the RANDOMLY GENERATED Star info that is now named for you, babe-
( all info is totally random, remember...)

Hemisphere: Southern ( Yo Australia !)

Star number: 246564
( you were born in '64, we married in June-6th month, my B-day month? Oh yeah, MAY, the 5th month...and I was born in '56, and was 46 when we married...24 is the inverse of 42, is the age you were when you left us) it all adds up to 9...
see below-

Magnitude: 9.9 ( in Feng Shui, Daz is a "9", as is Smashley)

This star is in the constellation PAVO-the Peacock!

I have used that word many, many time to describe you, hubby-a GQ kind of metrosexual guy,
an artist who chose my lippy and my shoes with ease, who had an eye for class and detail-and your fave tee shirt was tight, red and silk screened with the words:
"Super Famous" in white across your chest.

A peacock indeed!

The acutal plotting /number starts and ends with a 20-the last day you were alive on our Earth...

Oh and the best time to view your Star?
SEPTEMBER, the month of your birth!

All I can really say is, WOW.
Amazing, huh babe? I knew you would like this idea, but this is freaky stuff.

"Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us, to let us know they are happy" - Eskimo legend

I had that quote put on the small stone memorial bench that sits in the NE now of our garden.
Because we lived in different hemispheres when we first met,we always said we be happy when we could look at the same stars-and we were/are sciencey sci-fi geeks-so stars were our "totem" if you will...

They were on our wedding invites.
We found silver aluminum ones to scatter on the tables at the wedding, etc.

Today, after reading that starname printout, I just stood in wonder.

It made me feel very small, yet very connected to the universe itself, like I got a glimpse of a MUCH bigger picture .

The stars are not out tonight because the clouds have rolled in-but I know they are still there in the night sky, growing and surging with their helium and hydrogen and all the other compounds and gasses that make up the glowing orbs of life that we originated from, and to which we will return.

I know they are there, just like I know you are there, too, honey. I know.

Thanks, honey. For loving me, for being my hubby, for making me think that these are maybe not coincidences but sychronicities that I should pay attention to.
Thank you.

Love you Dazzy. My forever peacock. Always.
Kisses, Wifey

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