Thursday, June 26, 2008

Australia continued...

Dear Dazzy,

BUSY is a great word. I love to have heaps on and our friends have been so kind and helpful and engaging-they "babysit" me, LOL all hours and include me in everything. I love them like you did/do, babe-they are the best friends anyone could ask for-ever.

Especially Andrew. I know I shouldn't play faves, and I really don't have one per se, but he has been so lovely to me-I know why you loved him so. Anything I need, andything I have to get or do-he's there or he arranges it for me. It's great being looked after like this.

Sadly, I won't be able to make it up to Mum's place-three weeks and a bit sounds like a lot of time, but it just isn't when all the emotional stuff is thrown in as well. I have had many hearbreaking hurdles to jump over whilst here-not the least of which is finding that someone has taped over important videos of yours.


I wanted to take then to the photoshop to have em put on DVD and now-well I am saddened once again by the way your things have been dismissed so easily. I don't have time to be pissed off about it-it won't bring you back, and it's not worth my time to try and understand how someone could do that without thinking about YOU and YOUR wishes.

Not happy, Jan.

The past few days have been a time trip through Melbourne and its surrounds-all the places you and your friends frequented; all the cool old buildings and great new places/apartments that you would have loved; Westfield's Shoppingtown renovation-WOW!

You took me up to the roof of that place on my first visit here. GREAT view and fun shopping; we had a blast there. Silly and goofing around on the escalators, you and I were like teenagers, holding hands everywhere we went and kissing every time we had the chance. We went into the safeway and shopped for dinner and just had a fun day. I remember it was really nice out , warmerthan today, and so sunny it was hard to see off into the distance.

Today the weather was chilly and cloudy, but seeing off into the distance was just as hard-I have no idea where my life's horizon lies anymore. At least I feel like the boat has steadied a bit, but the sailing is not yet smooth-and I am not sure it will ever be so again.

Still I give it a go, as you would say, throwing myself into the choppy sea of life, most chances I get, trying to figure out my direction "After Daz."

This trip was important, and I am so glad I came.

It will be sad to leave. I will miss the heavenly bakeries that remind me so much of NY.
DFW places suck in comparison, LOL, and I will miss the new food court at Shoppingtown heaps...they have beautiful things there, and it's new, so the decore is fabby-you would LOVE it, babe!

It's a warm and welcome feeling being in Oz, even if it is sad overall- I love being in the country that helped add to who you were as a person. Your spirit is unique; your loyalty to your friends-who really helped mold you in many distinct and important ways-is second to none.

As I walked from Andrew's the other day-he wanted to drop me off, but I wanted to walk--warm sun, decent temperatures and a daily walk as my exercise are good things babe-
I went the same route you must have travelled countless times, beginning as a teen and continuing on until 2006, when you were here last at the age of 41.

Starting on Narallah, its a quick turn to Wetzell St, then a right on
Boxleigh Grove...netx a quick right onto Aspinall, then a left on tiny lil Rye; Harrison and Birkby come next...followed by Dorking and the hill at Cherry Orchard Rise and finally , the corner house at Second Ave.

I had the directions written down because I didn't trust myself after being away for six years, but I didn't need them.
I felt like you were right there with me, holding my hand, saying "C'Mon, Susie, lets gooooo" like you used to when you had business to attend to that JUST could not wait! LOL

I took pictures along the way, slowing my pace, just to make sure I took it all in. The beauty of OZ is reflected in the species of trees, plants, birds, etc.

I looked at the houses and wondered aloud how many people you knew from that walk, taken a zillion times over more than twenty years. How many families did you see moving in or out; how many footy games did you start, finish or interrupt?

What did it feel like to walk over to Andrew's that day when you first told him about me-that crazy blonde NYer in Tx?
The one you were crazy about and were calling Wifey! :P

I love your country as if it were my own, sweets.
Maybe one day it will be mine as well?

Enjoy the pics from "our" walk, honey-

Love you, Dazzy. Always.
Kisses, Wifey

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Stella said...

Your letters are so beautiful. Thanks for posting all the great photos.