Friday, June 20, 2008

Books, words, life...

Dear Dazzy,

On Friday we went into the city of Melbourne. I walked the same places I walked today with you years ago-the State Library, Lygon Street, Lt. Bourke, etc. Had a great fish dinner and fun shopping and listened to the live music and took in the sights and sounds and smells that are MEL. I saw Nicolas Cage making a movie! "Knowing" will be out next year. Very cool to see the set and all in the middle of downtown MEL.

On my own, I felt at home in the library.
The exhibits there were impressive to say the least-

But this one was the most near and dear to my heart.


Those things with words in them, which to me are things in and of themselves.
The things that truly do hold a mirror to oneself, to society, to life.

As a kid, books took me to places only my imagination knew about.
I read the way others would breathe, and books-words coded into recognizable information-were my touchstones to both reality and fantasy.

As a teen, my copy of Lind Goodman's Sun Signs got quite a workout. So did every sci-fi book I could get my hands on. I discovered my genre, and felt at home among the aliens, the new worlds, the what-ifs...and of course poetry and song lyrics spoke to my soul.

As a new Mom/Mum, parenting books helped me as much as my own Ma did.

As a teacher, student, etc, books are my life.

When we met, I began the process of reading about Oz, about the land downunder, about Libras, LOL.

Books always helped me get a handle on whatever life situation was happening at the time. Yes, when you dies, honey, I ran to the bookstore, tissues in hand , and asked for everything on grief, the afterlife, living without your soulmate, etc.

Books. They feed my brain.

So today, I walked into the "Books" exhibition at the State Library, and I was in heaven.

Mirror of the World: books and ideas

This magnificent exhibition showcases rare, beautiful and historically significant books from the Library’s collections. See treasures such as Audubon’s magnificent Birds of America, classic children’s books and 1950s pulp crime fiction.
Time: 10am–5pm daily
Venue: Dome Galleries, Level 4

It was awesome. Took me nearly two hours to gaze at early hand copied bibles, childrens' lit, botanial tomes, anime-you name it, they had it. Fabby, as you would say.
I loved the illustation area as much as you would have, Babe -for without artists, without pictures, how would children be enticed to pick up a jumbly mess of letters that one day will not only make sense to them, but will call to there very soul?

I love the fact that among all the things you were good at, art was at the top of your list. Working for Michael Salmon, doing his website, etc was quite the feather in your cap, sweets. We will always be proud that you had a hand in making kids around the globe smile with you artwork expertise.

I hopr one day to have grandkids that will look through the pages of the "CAVE" website, and I can tell them that their (Grandpa? Dazpa? what on earth will they call you?, LOL) Dazzy put it all together, and he did it for all the kids who love reading/art-like a living book.

That's what websites are to me-a book in motion.
And there is simply NOTHING like a great book.

Love you Dazzy. Always.
KIsses, Wifey.

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