Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Aussie Pix and Details

Dear Dazzy,

Hope you like the pix, babe. :)

Even though I have only been here for a week tomorrow, I feel like I have been here for yonks as well. It's that weird time warp of remembering-from 2001 when I saw OZ for the first time; amazed at all the flora/fauna never mind the star patterns and jeeze it was all new and wondrous.

By the time we got to June 2002 there was a wedding and a honeymoon and smiles and happiness all around. I was still wide-eyed at the coolness of Melbourne and the oh so cute suburbia that is Box Hill, not unlike our TX place.

I liked the heavy Asian influence-yummo food-and as we walked though the house at Second Ave, we would muse about redoing it, ripping it down and building two properties, or just selling outright and putting the $ into something else.

We had options-or so we thought.

So here we are, babe, in 2008, you are gone and I am fighting the tide of sadness that comes with grief. Back in TX, I was past a lot of the, "Oh we used to go there
and do that" kind of feelings; I knew when I got to Oz it would be starting all over again in a way-and it has been. It is not as piercing as those early days, but it is still raw emotion that overtakes me when I am in a car going down a road and all of a sudden its familiarity pops like a flashbulb and I am transported to a time that still includs you. I smile though my tears and embrace my emotions, knowing that one day it will be O.K. and the tears will not be so close to the surface anymore-like when I am 125 or so.

These last few days I have seen all of our friends-and last night Dragon gave me the grand tour of his fabby new digs. Wow! Honey if you were really still here, lol, we would be moving in! That place has every gadget known to mankind and then some.

You would be in love with the big screen that drops from the ceiling at the touch of a button or the landing lights that go on automatically as one goes up the stairs...amazing stuff. So very cool-so very you! You would be having Drags over to make him put that stuff in by you as well, LOL, I know it.

While we chatted, he told me that he thought he saw something a few months ago, after he first moved in-a flash of bright light that whizzed right by him-we speculated that it could have been you. Andrew, of course, will have none of it, he does not believe at all. He wants you to visit by calling him a name, like you always did, or smacking him upside the head a good one. LOL

Me , I have had enough weird things happen to say, "I have no idea who/what is right or wrong," and I will leave it at at that.

Dragon called again tonight to say he ahs arranged a physic for me to see tomorrow! Seems the guy lives near him and is always going off to do readings for people with big $$$$ in other countries, has help police with missing people etc.

Very cool.

I know that these kind of things don't change anything-no matter who channels you, honey, you will not be coming back in the flesh anytime soon-but I go to these things with an open heart and mind, just to see what this person can shed some light on.
He does not know me from a bar of soap-so it will be fun at the very least.

Maybe there is something you need to say babe? I did not initiate this at all..:P

These are the most up to date pix so far-more later!

Love you Dazzy. Always.
Kisses, Wifey

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