Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fast Cars

Dear Dazzy,

Today I went to the DMV and switched out the car title-AND they let me pay 70 bucks for the "privilege" of removing you name from the title of your beloved Camaro , babe :(

I still haven't been able to drive it. I am not sure when I will be able to.
It was our date car, and it still smells like a mix of leather and your cologne-

That smell is so "you" that I cannot shut off the memories when I slide behind the wheel of that car. I have cleaned it out-goddamn, Daryl, you were such a pack-rat-and I have sat in it a time or two and thought about our late night drives to nowhere, or the jaunts to Starbucks for a quick coffee, or our dress-up dates that demanded the fancy schmancy car as opposed to the convertible.

Funny how I can drive the convertible every day, knowing it was a birthday gift, yet that doesn't bother me at all. Weird.

It's not like I never drove the chevy; you used to like to see me pull up to the house in it and tease me about being a hot blonde in the shiny red Camaro, :P

I always liked that car. We did some fun things in it :) It's just one of those weird things about grief-you never know what's going to make you happy or sad.

Other random notes: I went to the dentist today as well-oh joy oh joy, as you would say :)

I also hit the library for whatever they had on grief and grieving-you know I believe there is a book for whatever ails people out there-and while the selection was pretty small, I came home with two books that seem to make sense.

Not sure if the books are that good or that I am making progress. Hmmmmm....

Went to yoga tonight as well. It was a full on day-one that went by quickly. Talked to a few people tonight on the phone, and we know that always makes the time fly by.

Doesn't matter, sweets.

I still miss you in the quiet of the opal-black night, when I absentmindedly reach out for you, or turn over and shockingly realize that I am alone in our bed :(

I know time will fix those startled responses.
It has to, right?
Here's hoping...

Kisses, Wifey

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