Friday, June 15, 2007


Dear Dazzy,
Here is a pix of our newest addition to the front garden-a permanent squirrel! :)
You always loved the squirrels here, honey, and we all thought it a fitting tribute to have one in permanent residence here at MelYork, the name you christened our house when we moved in two years ago.
I bring this up today because when I opened the curtains this morning, I saw a real "Ralphie"-- you named all the creatures who came to visit us--up on his hind legs, his bushy tail whipping around in a frenzy, doing some kind of Martha Graham meets Momix happy dance.
I laughed out loud ( something I haven't done in a while) and thought to myself, "That squirrel's name has GOT to be Dazzles!" I mean he was so bouncy, darting here and there, and suddenly looking straight away into the dining room window-I thought he was auditioning for the rodent family's version of a Charlie Chaplin BioPic. All that was missing was the mustache, hat and cane.
I am sure he was just panicking about where he had left his store of nuts, because if he really was a Dazzles kind of squirrel, he would have been out partying with his wifey and/or buds until all hours, then making the mad dash to get his s*it together before the sun came up, LOL
As you can tell, hubby, everything reminds me of you. The good thing is that very recently I am having more , " This is a bit easier than yesterday" kind of moments than "I wanna lie down right here, right now, and just give up" kind of moments.
I guess it's progress?
Or madness...and at this point , honey, I'll take either one.
It's also the dreaded Friday marker-8 weeks today.
Nearly a full two months since you left us. We are all still in shock on both sides of the big pond; still in mourning, still in the mucky quagmire of sadness that comes with the passing of an individual of your tenderness. That you named the squirrels that visited the house, that you could pick out my lipsticks, that you wanted to adopt more animals and even a kid or two-all speak to that tender side of you that lived behind that booming voice and cheeky smile.
Man, you worked that smile to its full advantage, LOL, didn't you?
Kind of like the squirrels and their happy-dances :)
Love You, Squirrel-boy

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