Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

Dear Dazzy,
O.K., How pitiful are these two, babe?
Too funny to watch them as they snooze. Rangie tolerates Boomer now, and I am learning a few things from the old buggar.
First, he had this nice lil life going on-all the treats were his, he slept whenever and wherever he liked. He never had a shortage of people to cuddle with, and you spoiled him more than any young child I have ever known!
So one day, this crazy young thing comes flying into Ranger's life-upsets his applecart big time. He has to deal twith it whether he wanst to or not; he has to share time and space and sleeping quarters and he is NOT IMPRESSED.
Time passes, however, and he starts to see that the newbie is O.K., and actually forces him to get up, move around, bark a bit-something he hadn't done in a while unless Wheel of Fortune was on and bloody Vanna was turning a letter; the "ding" sounded so much like the doorbell that Ranger always barked at it in his older age :)
My point?
Well, my life was kinda like Ranger's.
Before you died, sweets, it was wonderful and happy and all I could ever ask for.
Then , the shock of your passing, was like a tornado ripping out all of our hearts. After the storm cleared, a new hope arrived-much like Boomer did in our lives this past June.
I know he was an anniversary pressie from you, honey :)
Boomer embodies all that I want to find in life again-fun, enthusiasm, goofy play, deep sleep and joy in simple things like good food and long walks.
I am not sure how long the jurney will take me .
I am not sure I will ever finish.
I am not sure I can ever do it without you, honey-but I have to give it a shot, eh?
I know you'll help.
You would never leave me to do this all on my own.
I look for your "winks" in this smart yet silly dog with his expressive eyes and heart of gold.
I miss you heaps every day, honey, but today was a good day-I watched your TV car commercial, LOL, and MIKEY-yes, MIKEY-washed the beloved Camaro, put air in the tires, vacuumed it , etc.
Of course it rained not half an hour after he finished, LOL, but still I think it's the most work the kid has done all summer!
You would have been proud of "your" boy, Dazzles. He likes driving the big red C.
Much like you did( only slower, lol)
I am off to bed now babe. Sorry it will be without you-but Boomer and Rangie will see to it that I am not so alone.
Thanks again for the puppy-love you hubby.
Kisses, Wifey.

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