Thursday, August 30, 2007

Team Daz

Dear Dazzy,

On my MSN home page I have my horoscope ticked off to read every day. I used to have yours as well, but now just like in life, it's just my stuff :(
So here's what the MSN gods have to say today:

GeminiMay 20 - June 20
"You need to get your life in order, and now is a good day to begin, dear Gemini. For starters, take a hard look in the mirror. Make sure you like who you see. Today is a good day to put the frivolity aside and to concentrate on what you need to get accomplished. Tend to your duties, and plan wisely for the future..."

Wow, if it were only that easy, huh babe?

I don't think I have even done "frivolity" in quite a while either!And now I have to give it up already, LOL

Do I like what I see? Um...maybe?

I feel better this arvo-thank the universe for whoever invented the antibiotic Cipro-because except for making me a bit sleepy, it is doing the trick.
I am going back to work tomorrow and am looking forward to a three day weekend-one in which I can actually DO something and not lie around all sick and sniffly.

I actually cooked some chicken and meatloaf and flax seed muffins( marathon cooking, it rocks)tonight. Ready for the weekend, with kids coming and all...

I am going to a band thing with Mikey tomorrow night and out with Marylou on
Sat-day and I hope to snag some other unsuspecting people into my "date calendar"
(which is populated by women and gay men) by the end of tomorrow, :)

The kids will be home for two days as well, and we will do my Dad's 85th(!) b-day Sunday, so without a relapse I should be plenty busy.

I have been on youtube watching Australian Idol and Kath and Kim!
It's great to see this stuff in the same week it happens.
I listen to the accents and think "that's home," and then I wonder how I will make that happen. I am not sure of my time frame but I just know Australia is waiting for me.
And you, babe.
She's surely waiting for my to bring you back to Melbourne as well.

How sad that we won't ever live there again together in the same physical realm.
I am so happy I DID slog over for those two summer/winters when we were dating/getting married! I loved it. Still do.

It's such a beaut of a country. Ocean and mountains and all that jazz.

Not like the US is not my home. I will always tear up over the Stars and Stripes, but when I immerse myself in Aussie culture it just feels so comfy, so right, so much like home should feel- because it always links me to you. No brainer there, eh?

So tonight I have the promise of a weekend with kids( yea!) around at one time or another, I will start planning the side garden and some other things I want to do to honor you on your birthday, and I need to finish my little house projects that I always have going on. This time I am silver-leafing a table, honey, you would love it -it's going to be very sparkly and shiny, LOL

I remember when you and I first walked into our lil "Melyork"-we had the decorating plans flying around in our heads before we left the place the first time, and we talked about them all the way home-even though we hadn't even put our offer in on the place yet! We even stopped at the Home Depot and got paint chips!

You showed me how to adopt the "No worries, Mate, she'll be riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight," attitude.
I was always the skeptical one.

The Noo Yawkah.

You were always not.

The carefree Aussie larrikan.

We made quite the team, didn't we?

"Team Daz" you used to call us.


Can it still be the same team if its star player is permanently retired? Hmmm...

Love you Dazzy. You'll always be the captain of my team, sweets. Always.
Kisses, Wifey

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