Sunday, August 12, 2007

Finally Winning!

Dear Dazzy,

Hi babe!
Can you believe that the bloody Tigers FINALLY won a game this season? It's because Chris Q was in MEL to see the game, LOL !
Hard to believe that you and I will never sit at the MCG again and watch the footy and yell and cheer for the "Tigers of old". Damn.
So anyway babe this pic is for you !
Go Tiges!
Actually, I am just in from a Sat-day night out with your workmate MaryLou. She and I went to see "Becoming Jane," a real chick flick of a movie about Jane Austin's life. It was going to be a crier so I had the napkins ready, LOL, but we were better than we thought throughout.

Poor Jane; she never got to be with the love of her life. Society being what it was then, along with her own pig-headedness over money-or the lack of it-pushed true love out of the nest that was her life and saw it crash to the ground and splatter; crushed shells of spirit and emotions everywhere.

It was awful! It put a few things into persepctive for me babe-one, that we recognized the great love we had for one another early on, and two that we acted upon that love and didn't waste too much time starting a life together. I am so happy we were honest and loving with one another all the days we lived as hubby and wifey( and then some!).

As you already know, honey, MaryLou was widowed more than 20 years ago when she was in her early 20's and had two small kids. She was married to the love of her life, and thought they would be rocking away in the old folks home when they were 80 or so. Just like we tought we would be eh sweets? Mary is a good person for me to spend time with; she has gone on to lead a productive and happy and fulfilling life-like I hope to do again one day. It's coming, but not here quite yet.

Whle we were talking after the movie, she stopped me mid-sentence and told me to remember that I was a gift to YOU during your last 8 years on this Earth. Imagine! I always look at it as YOU being a gift from the universe to ME. I was the one who felt like I won the love lottery; I know you felt that way too, honey, but still. You know what I am trying to say.

That made me feel positive. Like I contributed to your happiness in more ways than one.

She also told me she smelled a very strong flowery odor at the bank last night when they were locking up-like in the vault and by the door; places where you would have been with her doing a lock up/closing. HMMMMM....She thought of the different kinds of flowers sent by all the Wachovia people to our house for your memorial service. She felt like you were saying HI :P Cheeky thing.
I have had a good day. I got to talk to someone who truly understands my pain and I got to pick her brain about all the changes I will be foreced to make in my days to come. It's never easy to be on this road, but the bumps are further apart and the curves seem less treacherous as I drive along.
And honey, you know how I HATE to drive!

It's late and I am off to bed with Boomer and Ranger in tow. I'll see you in my dreams babe.

Love you, Dazzles. Always.

Kisses, Wifey

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