Thursday, August 16, 2007

Learning new stuff!

Dear Dazzy,

Wow! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

You know that your CPU knowlege blew me away all the time-I had no idea how you knew all the computer-ese that you did, but I was always grateful that someone in this house could fix/rig/crack/hack the cpu/internet/etc. Sdaly I do not know half of what you knew babe, BUT I am willing to learn...

I like writing to you in this blog.
It keeps me sane and lets other people who read it know that I am this side of the cliff as well.
But, much like you, honey, I am a visual creature and after my zillion posts here I wanted to learn something new; something that would make you proud as well-some computer graphics tricks!

Now this photo thingy was NOT hard and thankyou ASH for some basic info/help, but I got to pick music, backgrounds, etc and I am testing it out tonight for the first time. So far, so good...

Actually, I used the dogs because today in the Dallas Morning News my story about how Boomer came to adopt us was published. It ran on the "header"( top of the page!)of the Metro section and it wasn't edited one bit( yes I AM an English teacher thankyouverymuch!).
I was proud of that.
I can just imagine that beaming smile from you as you would have taken the paper to work and proudly showed it all around to EVERYONE at the bank-customers included, LOL. I had a grand response to it-and even your crew at Wachovia called me about it! Made my day, but I was a bit sad that you weren't here to take it all in.

I loved that about you babe-your unwavering support of things I held dear.
I did the same for you and between the two of us our self-esteem was just grand.
Maybe yours was a bit TOO grand at times....nah.
You were the pretty one and you knew it, LOL, LOL, LOL
(Very silly and very personal Daz and Sue joke there.

I always admired your artistic abilities and I will in no way ever come close to them, but I wanted to do something fun on the blog-for me, for you, for everyone who reads it, so here is my attempt to "Daz" this place post.

Hope you like it honey-you inspired it.

Yes, as one can see in the photos, Ranger has a stroller now-shhh I am not crazy-yet-but at 14 plus,he is just too old to walk all over with his arthritis and bad vision. He LOVES the stroller and he sits for a while, then we let him out to walk and we continue this dance until we get to where we are going and then back home.

It's a party, let me tell ya.

It will be weird walking the two pooches by myslef soon, EEEK!

For now though, I will enjoy my new picture posting skills and the sleeping dogs at my feet. I wish, like I do every second of every day, that you were here, really here, honey. I am not sure my brain will ever fully wrap its synapses around the fact that I will never see you again in this life. What I wouldn't give to have you by my side as I learn to do new things.

I always carry you in my heart though, and sadly, that will have to do.
Maybe that's why I had so much fun doing this slide show tonight, sitting at your computer, listening to find just the right music, searching to find the perfect font/transition, and good photos. Maybe you helped me more than I will ever know.

Thanks Dazzy. It's been fun doing this. I can't wait to learn some more.

Love You babe. Always.
Kisses, Wifey

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