Saturday, August 18, 2007

Philosophy at Starbuck's

Dear Dazzy,
Well, it's another Sat-day night without you honey. :(
I start school/work on Monday, and all I wanted to do was hang around the house with Mike and Ash for a bit. We had a good day shopping, talking, eating etc.

Mitch was up from Austin to hang out with the kids at Mikey's battle of the bands gig last night, which netted second place for the boys! Rockstars!

Made me tear up a bit while the boys played and all the other parents were cheering next to us, and painfully absent was Mikey's biggest fan :(

Oh and did his biological father show up? Guess...
I'm sure you already know about the thunder and lightning nonsense,too.
Jeez-at least next year it will be held INDOORS!

( To the Allen Parks Dept: well, DOH!)

So this arvo we took Boomer to the dog park-his first time ever-and he had a blast!
He is so much your kind of dog, babe. Proud and cheeky, and faster than anything! He was very social and tail-wagged the whole time. He had a party.

He has been sleeping for a good while now, on your pillow on your side of the bed. HMMMMM...

Tonight, the kids and I had Vietnamese food. I got fresh spring rolls and steak/cellophane noodles etc. Like we always get. When I opened the lid of the take-away container, that smell of cilantro took me back to all the times you and I ate at Noodle Garden.

Not a fancy place but good food and decent prices and a cool vibe atmosphere.
We ate there almost weekly, usually Friday or Sat-day night, and no matter what we ordered, we always got fresh spring rolls ( cilantro, shrimp, and cellophane noodles, YUM) with peanut sauce.


Of course in the brain one thing leads to another and before long I was realizing that I had had the same foods all day long that you and I would have had on a weekend-

Pancakes for breaky. You would have added turkey sausages :)
I ate late because I had my annual physical, with blood work etc,
so I kinda skipped lunch.

Early dinner/late lunch of Vietnamese food. All Our faves.

Starbucks with Ashley-very last minute, but we ended up staying there and talking for way over an hour, much like you and I used to do, honey. We went to a different one than you and I would have gone to before, and that was a good thing.

Ash and I yakked about boys, her brother, and us as a family.
We are all looking forward to the change of summer to school year in this next week. We are so eager to leave this summer behind.
We miss you all the time honey.

All the time.

I ordered a cappuchino( your FAVE drink order)and Ash got a lemon bar
(your fave cake order)so between the two of us we honored your choices, babe. We kind of laughed that funny elephant in the room kind of laugh when we realized what we had ordered. You are still so much a part of our everyday life, honey.
We like that.

We sat outside at a bistro table watching the traffic go up and down Parker Road and talked. As I drank the last of my foamy mix and coffee, I noticed there was something printed on the cup. I stopped slurping in order to read what it said.

I got to read "The Way I See It # 283," by David Copperfield, the magician.
Must be a series, eh?

He states, "The most important thing in life is to stop saying I wish and start saying I will.
Consider nothing impossible, then treat possibilities as probabilities."


Like if I decided that having you back here with me on this planet wasn't impossible, I could will it to happen-and it would. Jeeze. If only that were true!

I do, however, like the "I will" over the "I wish"-because we all know that goals are nothing more than wishes with deadlines. You knew that most of all, honey.
We didn't wish for a damn thing when it came to our relationship-we made it all happen. And then some!

Didn't we do a grand job? You know it,spunky. :P

What "I will" do right now is promise that I will keep you in my heart, Dazzy. Forever.
Maybe with a bit of cilantro, a Mars bar, and a shot of Jim Beam and coke-no ice!

Love you Dazzles.
Kisses, Wifey.

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