Monday, August 27, 2007

New Classes, new room, new school year

Dear Dazzy,
It's too bad I can't really start a new life; I have the old one that I am trying to fit into this new shape and it just won't fit, babe.
I attempt to trick myself into little snippets of "I'm O.K." but I know deep down it's all a ruse.

Today the schools in TX saw all their students return.
I brought my own flowers, because I sadly knew there would be none from you, and I brought my tea in my red mug and I managed to get the dogs fed and out the door and back in before I had to leave.


Throughout the day I felt more and more sick as the periods passed by.
By the time 4 PM came, I was done for. Fever, chills, stuffed sinus-aaaarrruuuggghh!

Of course no one is here to walk Boomer or play with Rangie; I just crashed on the couch and watched Astronaut Farmer. You would have liked the movie to a point babe; it's kinda maudlin though, and I didn't finish once I figured out the "moral of the story" so to speak-we honor our dreams by making them take shape, if you don't find what you were looking for in the first place then you eyes aren't looking in the correct place.

Not sure if that works for me here. Not tonight, anyway...

Really tired and cranky and sicker than a dog, so I am off to bed way early and fingers crossed Boomie doesn't eat the washing machine or whatever in his infinite boredom later tonight.

Oh how I wish you were here to take care of me, sweets.
But we all know about wishing, now, don't we? It just doesn't work.

Love you honey. Always.
Kisses, Wifey

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