Saturday, September 22, 2007


Dear Dazzy,
Ahhhhhhhh it's Sat-day. A day of sleeping later( woohoo 7;30!) and doing things I get to choose.
Mikey is here the weekend to help with trimming shrubs, etc. I think he likes to come down to see the dogs and check in on me. He's doing it right, Dazzy. You'd be proud.
Smashy will be here next weekend-she has mega-rehearsals right now-and all those crazy Aussies will be here as well :)
I can't wait for that, even though it will be very bittersweet. I mean, it will be really obvious who will NOT be here...but it will be O.K.

I have come to know these people on-line, and I am happy to call them friends. You and I know that you don't have to meet face to face in order to suss out the genuine article!
Now I get the chance to meet them in person.
Some we already have, and I am happy they got to meet you, babe. For those who didn't get the chance-well, I may have to pull out the old video you made me in Jan/2000.
That is such a hoot! We'll see.
I just know it will be fun to get together-and fun is in really short supply these days in the W household.

I went a hundred places today-the sun was out, the temps were grand, had the top down on the convertible-and got a lot accomplished. I found great bedroom chairs-FINALLY!
How long had we been looking for something that worked in there that we could afford?
They come on Friday. Hope you like 'em :P

Tomorrow, I am planting fall plants in the front pots and (gasp)getting ready for Autumn! I won't decorate like we( well, YOU)
used to at Halloween, but I will be putting out a pumpkin or two and some different fall accessories that I have packed away in the garage.

I already told the kids there will be no regular Chrissie tree this year, but I will have a wreath or maybe a small live tree with photo ornaments. Maybe. Who knows how I will feel by then-but I will not celebrate in our same old style without you here, honey.
Maybe next year...time will tell.

I have a big week coming up-counselor, medium, Mini-Mates fest-the time will fly! Yes, I booked a medium for Tuesday, and I will let everyone know how THAT goes-Honey, you know how you like to be really punctual for things like the theatre?

Well, you better be here at SIX SHARP, ploise!:)

I am half skeptic and half open-minded.
This person comes highly recommended and with glowing testimonials.

Of course, a bad testimonial will never be published now would they?
Still, I am looking forward to it. I do not really have unanswered questions, just want to say "HI, Dazzles, I Love You, We all miss you and oh yeah if you can swing it, VISIT already!"

Today I met two other widows from a BB that I found on the 'net in those dark, early days of May. We are all nearly the same age and we all have the same thing in common-we miss our hubbies something awful. We all get it-and that's a good thing. It's hard when others are done with your mourning before you are!

What a way to make new friends. Jeeze.

It's supposed to thunderstorm tomorrow arvo. I am not washing the car, LOL, but I may go see the new Space movie about the Apollo program of the late 1970s. You and I would have planned a whole date around this release my love, LOL, now wouldn't we have?

Roger Apollo. Ten-four ground control. Orbital boosters GO...

...and all that jazz. Man we are science geeks, aren't we?
I love it. :) I know you did as well. Another thing we shared.

Oh and how cool was it that TIVO caught Amok Time, my FAVE original Star Trek episode of all time, the other day?
That is what I am going to start referring to my mourning period for you as-Amok Time. ( Like run amok, get it babe? Yeah I thought it was clever, too:P)

Spock suffered through his Pon-Farr but whipped it in the end. Indeed. A nice little life lesson from the boys and girls of the Enterprise.

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