Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Libras and Flowers and Beauty, OH MY

Dear Dazzy,
This picture of these Gerbera Daisies came in my in-box this morning. It was attached to a reminder from a florist I have used in the past to send you goodies on your B-day/Father's Day.

It has a list of Libra-like things , but the site won't let me paste it here-so if you click on the title here it will take you to the link...and I can't help but wonder how long it would have taken you to crack the code that would allow me to do what I want, which is post the bloody thing here in it's entirety! Grrr...

Of course, Gerberas were the flowers we used for our bridesmaides in our wedding. That detail was right there this morning, snapping me to attention. I am reminded of our life together everywhere I turn. It's both good and bad; sometimes sweet memories and sad longing mingle to make a murky emotional state, which is only cleared by tears.
I actually had a good cry last night, went to bed early, and felt like I finally had a bit of energy today.

I also had therapy this arvo-and we both laughed as I told the DR. that I had booked a visit with a medium. First, it was for a date in OCT. Then they called me the next day and told me they had an opening on th 25th because soemtone had to reschedule; I liked that it was closer to your B-day so of coures I took the new slot. Last night, they call AGAIN, to tell me this woman-Nan-is in Baltimore doing some medium work and won't get here in time to do my reading, so we have to reschedule again-for:

FRIDAY-at 7pm.
Your bithday.
Your birthtime.

Freaky stuff-cue the Twilight Zone music...so, what, babe, are you going to talk to me on your birthday?!?
That would be SO like you-putting on a real show like that, LOL, LOL, LOL

The DR. wants to know how it goes. I told her it's like my Feng Shui or my astology or whatnot; more for entertainment purposes but if I can glean something-ANYTHING-helpful from it all, then it will have been worth my time. I am, after all, the ortiginal skeptic; that's why I have so much trouble with organized religion. Prove this stuff to me, and I'll buy it. If not...well, I'll pass then.

SHOW ME is my original creed; I am a science chicky geek at heart-but of course, you know that about me. You always did. We are peas in a pod when it comes to the cosmos, all that geeky gadegtry that goes with space exploration, and James Bond stuff.

Had I been born a boy, I would have been just like YOU. ;)
If you had been a girl, you would have been like ME. ;)

How two people who grew up in different countries, time zones, and decades could be so much alike always startled us a bit, but we knew it was really a cool thing as well.
We reveled in it after a while and even though we didn't get to celebrate an anniversary like a tenth or twentieth, we were at that point of finishing each other's thoughts and leap-frogging over identical ideas and it was so good, so real, so comfy. How I miss that, babe.
The banter, the cheekiness, the outrageousness that could be you-my amazing Libra Peacock.

According to the Florists ad, Libra's are beautiful people whom Gerbera Daisies mirror with their vibrant and charming personality.
Dazzles, you had that in SPADES, that's for sure!
You could sell Ice to Eskimoes in a winter storm, lol
You might even make me believe, honey.

Talk to ya Friday-it's a date, eh?

Love you, Dazzles. Always.
Kisses , Wifey.

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