Thursday, September 27, 2007

Birthday Rememberances

Dear Dazzy,

Wow. Just looked at the time while I am posting at MUO and realized it's officially your birthday.

How can you not be here?

This will be another first...the first year since we met in 1999 that I have not sent you a card filled with love, not told you how much you mean to me, not made you a cake!

Your first B-day spent with me was when you came over back in 2000...we went to see Phantom of the Opera.

I had red hair then, and you simply had more hair then-:P-, we looked chic in our black evening clothes. You wore a Tux that made me drool, and I was thinner and cuter and all that jazz.
We ate out and had a beautiful meal and watched the show and headed back to the apt.

I had the kids set up the party stuff-you, with your comic/art loving self were into the Power-Puff Girls! A silly kiddie cartoon but you were gaga over the animation. Of course, we bought Power Puff Girls party wares-plates, napkins, etc. I couldn't make you a cake because we were together all the time, LOL, and I wanted it all to be a surprise-which it was.
You laughed at the balloons and the pink party gear and we stayed up half the night eating , drinking and carrying on....

Years later I found this crown-it was sooooooooooooooo you-and I teased you about being 39 "forever." Here you are with a great Pavlova and that cheeky grin-and yea the Power Puff Girls tablecloth that we dragged out every year just because it was fun and silly and so us. :P

King Dazzles

and his Regal Birthday Crown



When you hit the big 4-0, it wasn't without the biggest frigging TV I have ever had to live with in my life. At 60 inches, it's as wide as I am tall-minus thee inches on my side!

I gave you a hard time about it at first but figured you deserved whatever made you happy( next to me and the kids of course).

Now I am so used to seeing things life-sized on that screen I wonder how I'll ever go back when this thing eventually wears out. Hmmmmm...

Later today I have that medium/physic/whatever chicky babe to speak to-that will be a different kind of Birthday pressie, eh babe? I made the appointment long ago, am still very skeptical but trying to keep an open mind. It's weird how the dates were changed more than once ( not on my end either!) to make it happen right ON your b-day at the time of your birth...weird.

I am strangely looking forward to it.

I took the day off from work-just in case I am a puddle all day-but tonight I am strangely calm, and feel like you aren't far away-maybe I am adjusting to finding you in my heart when I need to, who knows. I know this birthday will not be like any others that I was luck enough to share with you, and weather I like it or not, we can't share any more together in the physical sense.

What I'll always remember about that September night back in 2000 is your excitement , your gratitude and your genuine happiness that you reflected back to me and the kids like the glow of pure white moonbeams in a hushed, dark sky on a perfect fall night. It was perfect wasn't it honey? We sure thought so...

Today I will honor your memory in all the ways I can-wish me luck and hold me close, honey.

It won't be easy. I really hope you can "stop by" later and chat-wouldn't THAT be grand?

A pressie for ME, on your special day.

Love You, Dazzles. Especially on this day, my hunk-o-spunk, when I would have lit 43 candles on your Pavlova.

Rest in Peace, My Love.

Kisses Wifey

Every year after that I would make you whatever you wanted for dinner-usually a roast lamb with all the fixins'-and a Pavlova. I enjoyed doing it, baking and decorating and showing you just how special I thought you were. I always had to get more than one card, because one was just bever enough.

Another fun birthday was your 39th-I found that King's Crown and though it was perfect for you :)

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