Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Perigee of Souls

Dear Dazzy,

Tonight is the perigee of the moon-the closest it will be to Earth all year. It's a Harvest Moon here in the states, and its huge-hope you like the pix I took honey! I tweaked the background color a bit, but here is the view out the front window-awesome eh?

Just like the moon and the stars are always in the sky, whether or not one can see them, I know you are with me sorta/kinda/ as I go about my day.

Sometimes I feel you really nearby, and other times its like you are very far away. Like the moon and the earth, the dance of the orbits of two celestial bodies is always dynamic, never static.

Like me and you :)

I like to think that this separation is just the next phase of our relationship-you, larrikin that you are, going way ahead of me in line for the ride/show/scene that comes next, just like you did when we were in Disney, or at NASA.
Always leading the charge.
Always getting as close as you could to the action... always.

I'd love to know what's really out there-what you feel, what you see, what your concept of time is; I want to know everything. You know me-I want details, and a list, and a red pen ASAP!
I know-patience. Something I never have enough of, eh babe?

Temperature wise, it's not too cold yet, but tonight I am putting the electric heater on the mattress-just in case I need it at 3 a.m. With no Aussie he-man heater beside me this winter, I hope Boomie doesn't mind cuddling up. I am not looking forward to the dreary January landscape and the cold snaps that come to blanket it.

But tonight, I took Ranger for a walk while Boomie stayed at Zen Den-I need a stay there I swear-and Rangemeister and I went to the park, swung on the swings a bit, talked to you out loud-no one was around, so it was OK :P-and took the long way home, enjoying the crisp fall day as it turned to dusk. Kath called and reminded me about the perigee tonight, so after I talked to her, I grabbed the camera and out I went.

Of course everything reminds me of you babe. Of what we had, and what's now changed.

If you were still physically here, we'd be out there together with a drink in hand talking about the moon, spaceflight, Mars and Venus, how stars twinkle but planets don't; Mikey's cool astronomy labs- yada yada yada. You would still be photoshopping the pix to get it just right before emailing it to everyone, LOL

So the moon will set in the early morning hours and start his journey to apogee-the farthest point from his mate, Earth. Eventually, though, they dance around each other again, and are close once more.

If one believes in soul mates, then this metaphor is very apropos. We are planets that hurtle through space, we fall into each other's orbit, we reach perigee; then in the true physics of yin and yang, we pull apart to apogee....only to start the process all over again.

Our perigee was when we married. Our descent into apogee began upon your death. Hopefully I am correct, and we are moving toward perigee once again.

I love you Dazzles-always.
Kisses, Wifey

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