Sunday, January 13, 2008

Testing Video

Daer Dazzy,

I know you are proud of me today honey-I uploaded video ( from a vcr tape that was put onto a DVD) onto the hard drive and used Storyboard to get a few snippets together so I can post some of our earliest interactions on my/your/our blog.

Cool eh? I will be playing around with it all day, and will probably post a few more later on.

I am , of course, very wistful replaying these vids-when I first saw this original vid, I had never been to Australia before, so it was all so new-including you! We hadn't met in person when I got this first tape in April of 2000. Now I have been to all the places on these vids, more than once I might add, and because of that they have a more permanent place in my heart. Just like you do, honey.

I know that I am lucky to live in such a digital, electronic age-I will be able to "watch" you whenever I feel the need. Some days its too hard to do, but funnily enough it's sometimes almost easier for me to watch vids of you then look through our pictures. Weird.

So I am off into the last day of vacation for the twins-they have new classes and new schedules and new books and new things coming their way starting tomorrow.

I will miss them, for sure, because I am one of the few parents on the planet who actually LIKES their kids as well as loves them. They are turning out to be great people honey-thanks to me and you. Your influence is always felt here; we always say "what would Daz say/do/think?" about any situation that crops up. You taught them to be just a little more fearless than they may have been, to always use their most polite manners, and to say what they feel when they

feel it! Oh and I know you taught them to speed up at yellow lights as well, :P


I miss you every second of every day, my love, but the grief wave that washed over me during the holidays has recedded a bit and the sun is shining today and I have found a new way of keeping our memories more easily available to those of us who long to hear your voice and see you once again. It will never be enough, but it will have to do.

This is just a rough clip-more polished efforts will be done later. I will not waste the sunny day staying inside, LOL

Love you Dazzles. Always.

Kisses, Wifey.

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