Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Part Deux

Dear Dazzy,

Yes, Easter is over for another year. I am kinda glad it was in March this year; now I have April and your one year anniversary all to myself, know what I mean?

My dad is getting old-86-and if he had taken better care of himself years ago, he might be able to do more than just sit, eat ,and listen to the TV. His eyesight is shot. I feel awful for him; sometimes I think he is just waiting around to kick off.
When he does, I know you will meet him there, asking what he wants to drink and having him join the WWII conversation with you, your Dad, Bill and dad's brother Joe...and that thought warms my heart a bit.

Easter is always "my" holiday to pull out all the stops, cook like the Martha Stewart wannabe that I am and embrace spring. I LOVE spring, even though summer is my all time fave season; spring means we have made it through another winter and the green-up is about to commence-I love it.

Funny thing is I still do. I am happy that the days have more waking hours filled with light; the plants in my pots out front are blooming beautifully, and the buds are on the trees. I will always miss sharing this time of year with you, babe, but the show must go on down here, ya know?

Many, many years ago, on an Easter Sunday, I found out I was preggers with the twins. You know how happy I was on that day- didn't know there would be two of them yet but that didn't matter; it was months after baby Derek's death, and I was crazy happy to be pg again. The promise of new life after death-that was a powerful day for me.

After they were born, all the Easters with the kids had me at my uber-Mom best; egg dyeing and huge baskets( we still use the same ones-a pink and a blue, lol)with lollies and stuffed toys. I made their outfits and decorated like it was Christmas, only I liked it better because the weather was usually much warmer, LOL

Yaers later, on my own as a single parent, I still did Easter dinners at the apartment with family, and it was always a joy even while it was a lot of work.

While you and I started talking in November of 1999, it wasn't until Easter Sunday in 2000 that we both said what was in our hearts: we were crazy about each other.

You told me you would call at 6 pm that night-after the kids went to see their bio "father" (and you know I despise that term for him. You were a better dad than they could ever ask for...but I digress.)

So, the phone rings at 6:00 on the dot. My stomach did that little flip that happens when someone you have some chemistry with enters the room. We had been talking on the vidcames, so I know it was a genuine feeling. You told me that you were happy and excited to be dialing my phone number, and I laughed and asked why today was any different?

Then you told me you had booked your ticket to come to TX and visit me and the kids-a month in September, when your work contract was up. You would talk a breather from your web design/illustration and holiday with ME!

For a MONTH!

I was ecstatic. The kids thought it would be way cool.
My friends were happy but wary(just like yours, lol)

While I remember that the day was Easter, and it was in April, I didn't remember the exact date to post here, so I looked it up.

It was April 23, 2000. Easter Sunday.

Looking through the list of Easter dates, I noticed something weird-Easter has never fallen on the 23rd of April at anytime during my life, and it does not fall on the 23rd again, even if I eek out to be 100 years old.

Only in the year 2000 did Easter fall on the 23rd, on the day that you really changed my life-when you made me realize that there was indeed really something special happening, that you were my Aussie knight in shining armor coming to rescue my heart, and you would forever be mine and I would be yours.

I walked on clouds for days after that marathon five hour conversation, where we mapped out our dreams of a life together-me, you, the kids, and the dogs-and while I always thought you were one in a million, now I have proof.

That "I love you" was really, really special in my life and will never be repeated. Ever.

Happy Easter indeed.

Love you Dazzy. Always.
Kisses, Wifey.

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