Saturday, April 19, 2008

T minus 3

Lisa Williams-Medium and Psychic in Dallas, April 18th!

Dear Dazzy,

The Lisa Williams book signing was awesome! She really is a larger than life personality-kind of like you, babe, LOL She's cute and funny and very humble in a way-I wish she lived next door, she and I would get on really well. You can tell she knows how to enjoy herself....:)

I took a few pix while I was in the crowd; the one that's the most fascinating is the one with the "orbs-" blasts of energy that people swear are our dearly departed. I used to think it was camera issues, but since I have since reconsidered. I am not 100 % convinced, but hey-what I know now, after a year into this journey, is that I know NOTHING for sure.

I cannot for the life of me figure out what I did in Picasa that caused me to loos the orb pix-I swear I saved it-but here's Lisa anyway, signing a card to moi ( they had run out of books!).

I told her that you had died a year ago, and that her show-along with her insight-had really helped me through some dark days and nights. She hugged me, and looked straight at me and said,

" He's always with you, you know. Always. Just think of him as being in the next room..."

She had tears in her eyes. So did I. I was surprised that I was that emotional with someone that I don't know that well in real life; I have seen her show a zillion times but I am not a crazy fan who thinks that means that I can actually connect with her on a personal level-but it was really quite intimate in a way.

So my wonderful Friday off turned into half a day off because they released my Dad from hospital, and since I was the one who was home-lucky me-I got to go pick him up, get his meds, settle him in the apt., yada yada yada. It was fine, really, I can make up my missed apts on Saturday-but still.

He doesn't have a lot of "him" left in there-he is not senile, but I get the feeling he has given up on life itself. I hope that some interventions that we are doing will find the spark for him once again. I know its the beginning of that long downhill slide into oblivion, but it pisses me off royally when someone who HAS the gift of life still doesn't want to take it by the horns and ride.

I guess it's all perspective.

On now to Saturday-Oh and Dragan ( James) called and left me a message-you know, your friend who has NEVER called at all, or sent a card, or even acknowledged your death-seems he was "too distraught." Ha. He has no clue, now, does he babe? I guess he figures he better talk to me now since I am going to be in Oz in June. It should be a very interesting conversation to say the least.

Off to Saturday land-gardening and phone calls from friends and who knows what else the universe has in store for us....:) Here's putting in an order for nothing but wonderful things.

Love you Dazzy-Always.
Kisses, Wifey

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