Friday, July 11, 2008

July Heat

Dear Dazzy,

This past week I had babysitting duty for a teacher I worked with-and today was a TGIF kinda day. The kids are young but sweet, and I had fun with them all week-but I am also happy it was only for a week's time, LOL

Marylou called to invite me to her sister's house/pool tonight but I am really just wanting to sit, enjoy the alone time with Boomie and Range, and chill out. I walked Boomster before -almost all the way off leash(!) and he was fabulous. What a great dog he is shaping up to would be so happy with him, honey.

He was a mess when he "found" me ( thanks again for that prezzie, babe)-but with heaps of love and a firm hand he is really turning into a good dog. He is trusting and loving and always honest with his emotions ; too bad more humans aren't like this canine version of you , Dazzy.

Mike is having a wonderful experience in Italy. Tonight he got to play a set on stage at a local bar; he cranked out "Sweet Home Alabama" among other songs with-GET THIS-two guys from Hawthorne in Aussie shorts and Carlton Jerseys!

They talked a bit about Oz and the US and Mikey filled them in about us.
Turn out one of 'em lived a mere two blocks from Box Hill North! Small world.

Oh yeah, and the bartender, who knew these guys, had on a tee shirt that had a big "4-20" on the back !

Usually it is a reference to smoking pot, but with the significance of that date-well, we decided it was you showing up to say G'day to Mike and watch him play again-just like we did that last week of your life.

They all had a drink to you, babe, and although it wasn't Jim Beam and Coke, it was heartfelt just the same. I know that had to make you smile-our Mikestar raising a glass to ya-in a bar in another country with a bunch of traveling Aussies. (Thats a pix of the flatmates in this post)

You rock, dude.

Love you Dazzy. Always.
Kisses, Wifey

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