Thursday, July 03, 2008

July Jet Lag Ramblings

Dear Dazzy,

Ahhhhhhhh jet lag-flying TO Oz is never the problem. Coming back to the USA, now, there's the rub-I havent slept all night. Urg. Hopefully spellcheck will be my salvation.

I am not coherent enough to really post the things that are in my heart about my trip-it was so emotional, so endearing, so powerful in my journey of grief that I want to do it -and you-justice with the correct, precise words.

Until I get some sleep, however, I am afraid it will be just a rambling mess of
run-on sentences and lost of fragmented thought-so for today, I will just say that before I left, I felt adrift-homeless-because you were not by my side anymore, Dazzy.

Now, after being back to Australia and sleeping in our bed on that side of the world, I feel like I have TWO homes-and not just the physical ones. I was made to feel so welcome by the friends who love you-I could not have asked for more...
( And if I could, I would ask for YOU, but we all know the sad answer to that question, right babe?)

I love OZ, honey. I know it because of you-and I will always remember that.

Love you Dazzy. Always.
Kisses, Wifey

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