Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Ballad of Boomer and the Coyote

Once upon a time

In in little town in TX

there lived an elegant yet silly dog

whose name was Boomer

Just like the 'roos he was named for

Boomer would bound over the prairie

Every night on his two mile walkie

with his Mum

and adopted doggie brother, Ranger

Tonight-like every night

as Mummy said," SIT" ( and he did)

and "STAY" ( and he did)

he at least waited until his leash was unclasped

before he bounded off

into the bush surrounding the local golf course...

to chase a COYOTE!

Mummy had never seen one

up close and personal

in all her years in Texas

so naturally she was CONCERNED

Boomer would not listen to her

as she said his name-VERY LOUDLY-over and over and over again

while his adopted brother, Ranger, was in his doggie stroller

yawning the entire time that Mummy was calling for Boomie-

Rangie was surely thinking, "Finally! I may be rid of that doofus..."

Boomer didn't know what the big deal was

he just wanted to play with the beige colored, exotic looking, long-legged dog with the cool name-funny how everyone knew it-


Mums took their kids inside their yards

while Boomie chased his new friend

and they rustled through the leaves and the brush

and when they had had enough of that

Boomer ran as fast as a jackalope out of the woods

and soon he sat next to Mummy again, really still (like she taught him)

so she could clip his leash back on

but Boomer wondered why

they had to walk SO FAST

all the way home ( especially when Mummy usually says, "SLOW DOWN BOOMIE")

because he thought he had already gotten enough exercise

playing with his new friend,


The end-for now...

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