Sunday, October 05, 2008

Birthday Slideshow

Dear Dazzy,
You know I had this slide show ready to go the other day-and frigging blogger GRRRR sometimes it just doesn't work with other apps!

I don't like Flikr, honestly, its not a great site.
It's no rock-you that's for sure!

So here they are-no music this time or fun stuff; I will save that for next slide show; I have heaps of photos to scan and etc. Will need some time off for that!

Kids were here this weekend and I had a reading last night(!) that was pretty cool; I always feel calmed after them for whatever reasons.

After the week of sadness that preceded your birthday on the 28th, I have come to a nicer place-got heaps done this weekend, kids helped, stayed close to home but still enjoyed our time-and I feel better for it all.

Its pumpkin time here, lol, and people up and down the street are starting to decorate- it's sometimes tortuous and sometimes brings a smile. I know you would have benn tweaking all that stuff at our house here in TX this weekend-but I will be putting out just a few things this year. In honor of you, and me and the house we loved to call our 2nd home,:P I bought spider lights and new webby neon string. You're gonna love it, sweets!

More later. Tonight, I am happy to have great kids, wonderful friends (on both sides of the big pond) and family who support me, fabby weather, and memories of you and me and "This Amazing Life," that will live in my heart til I see you again.

Love you, Dazzy. Always.
Kisses, Wifey.

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