Monday, November 24, 2008


Dear Dazzy,

While it's been in the 60's during the day, the nights this week will be in the 40s-BRRRR weather. This past weekend I switched the bedding over-washed the mattress covers, the down comforter, the doona covers and slate blue sheets, etc.

I put the electric warmer under the mattress cover and the bed is all ready to go now for the winter that will be here whether I want it to come or not, LOL

It sports the doona cover that you picked out-a brown and blue quasi-brocade-ish number; it was not my first pick but the colors work well-and now it reminds me of fall and winter. It belongs on the bed with the puffy down comforter all tucked away inside; Ranger and Boomie and I really appreciate it when the wind is blowing and the temps drop in late January/February.

You used to be my heater, honey-all that testosterone! You were NEVER cold. Ever.
We all know that I am a different story...:P
It's winter number two coming up without you-still don't remember much of winter number one, but I know I went through it because I have my blog entries. Reading some of the ones from that period of time helps me see how I am scarring over. Day by day the scar becomes less visible, and eventually one will have to squint hard to see it.
Here's to that day.

I am looking forward to food shopping big time tomorrow night for T-day and the week that the kids will be home for-woo-hoo! It will be a great week with them around, and I have some things planned with friends so it looks like a busy, productive time will be had by all.

Of course T-day will never be them same without you sitting at the head of our table, but your candle will be lit and we will talk to you and about you like we do now. I believe we will be fine in the end, but the day is sure to see a few tears. That's fine, too.

Now its off to bed with the silly dogs and my book-I love the fact that reading is something I can care about once again-and we'll say "G'nite, Dazzy" like we do every night.

Love you Dazzy. Always.
Kisses, Wifey

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