Sunday, November 02, 2008

We have a winner on aisle 6!

Dear Dazzy,

Tonight, I went food shopping at our old stomping grounds-the local TomThumb store-because they have just finished the renovations and they were giving away food samples and coupons for real food ( like prawns!).

Mikey is here so he came with me before heading over to Bill's tonight, and we took our time and I got what I needed. I sighed thinking of all the times you and I walked up to this particular store, so close to our MelYork house, and how we always goofed around in the aisles, etc.

You wouldn't recognize the place honey! Its spiffy and upscale now, LOL, or at least trying to be...and when I checked out, the lights and buzzer went off, LOL, and the checker told me that I was the winner of an I-Pod shuffle!

You know me-I never win anything. Everything in my life has come from hard work and goal setting; nothing-NOTHING-has ever just dropped in my lap and said, "Here I am, Howyadoin?"
So yeah, I was pretty surprised. You know that I already have a shuffle, but it's from back in the day-when you helped the kids buy it for me ! It's older but it works fine; this new one is sleek and silver and clips on instead of using a ropey thing to hang from.

Since tomorrow is the anniversary of our first meeting via the Internet, I'll just think of this as a pressie from you, babe.

Thanks! :)

Love you Dazzy. Always.
Kisses, Wifey

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