Saturday, May 30, 2009

UP! since this movie was coming out on my old-arse birthday, I figured it would be fun to see with a bunch of people.

Now I know Disney-they are , after all, the killers of Bambi's mama-and I know there will be some weird/dark stuff interspersed with all the laughs and etc.

Maybe I am overly sensitive. Maybe I have a heightened awareness of death and all that crap b/c of Dazzy...I am not sure if I am becoming Chicken Little( the sky is falling!)or a clearer voice of sanity and reason.

SPOILER ALERT: I am going to talk about plot.
If you haven't see this flick and you want to, stop reading here.


The movies centers on a widow. Fair enough.

They do the whole childhood meeting thing with him/future wife...they are crazy happy.

First make me cry moment is when they are fixing up a nursery...only to have a hospital scene with a DR. shaking his head, couple leaving WITHOUT a baby, she sitting in the yard with that look of despair that i know so well-this happened to me in 1984, with my late son, Derek.

OK so, it can't get much worse than that, right?

Oh no. We now move on to the wife dying scene.



By now my kids are looking over at me to see if I am OK; I am not sobbing loudly, but certainly uncomfortable.

It's just an animated movie, but still-

The rest of it is weird.

The bad guy is really twisted, if your kids are younger they will definitely be afraid of dogs when they are done with this flick(!), and the ending is drawn out ( haha no pun intended but that did work, eh?) and a bit sad.

I guess I just thought it would be more funny then maudlin-and for people who live these situations in everyday life, well, there should be a disclaimer, lol

Lots of refrences to "Adventure" and whatnot interspersed in the film too.
Daz once called our love affair a "Grand Adventure," so that was sorta nice.

One page of the wife's explorer scrapbook, that he hubby is tearfully looking through near the end of the movie, has a platypus on it as the camera zooms in; after that he sees all the pix and things she has included that chronicle their lives together.

She obviously did it as something for him to find after she was gone( Think "P.S. I Love You") and when he gets to the last handwritten page it reads ( I am paraphrasing here b/c I read it through teary eyes):

Time for you to go have another adventure!

Jeeze. It could have been written to me directly from the Dazman himself. He would have LOVED the animation, loved the oops that I found-when the ballons are being shown in shadow, the silhouette is rightly grey, but the ballons are shown in color!

Not sure if they screwed up or they were going for a magical feeling....hard to decide.

Nah. I think it's a screw-up. :P

Somedays I'd like my memory to be that of mere mortals, LOL, so that I wouldn't so acutely remember...everything.

Birthday # 3 without Daz and I made it through.

Surely this will get easier/better/different someday?

Damn. Goddamn.


Thanks for listening. Rant over.


Sari said...

(((HUGS))) and Happy Birthday.

Split-Second Single Father said...

I took my daughter to see this movie last weekend and really enjoyed it - but I had been forewarned by a friend and knew what to expect. It didn't make it easier to watch, but it did allow me to brace myself when I could tell it was coming. My (five-year-old) daughter had a lot to say about those scenes after the movie, but I'd bet they were lost on most kids.