Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday Night Home Alone Blues

Dear Dazzy
Well, it's Sat-day, as you would say it, lol, skipping that pesky middle syllable, and while the kids have come home to stay with me for Mother's day weekend, Mikey is playing down at the Curtain Club and Smashley is off to Taste of Addison. Tomorrow we hang out together on Mommy Day :)

I told them both to go, that it was OK, I would be fine.

It's only half a lie, eh? I could have gone with them, I could have called some local people to come hang around, I could even go next door and rattle Bill's cage, but all I want to do is hang around our MelYork and pretend like things are OK.

They as so far from OK it's sickening. How will I ever clean out your closet one final time? How will I ever "do something" with your cap collection , your tie collection, your fancy runners? How do people do this? It's maddening.

Today is the first day that I have cleaned in three weeks. I went postal in the place and cleaned out cupboards, polished windows, etc. I had high hopes to wash the car and trim the shrubs as well, but that stuff can be done tomorrow.

Today I also got the first transplant letter from Southwestern Medical Center.

Two people who were blind can now see because of you, my dear, sweet hubby!


I wonder if they will look at life differently because they now see through the eyes of an artist. That makes me smile even if I know it is not realistic and feasible.

There are many other people that you will help through your donations, honey. It was something that we had discussed many times, that just-in-case kind of information, and I am glad we did.

You were always so generous, Dazzy. I know, I have the gifts to prove it!

Yet even in death you found a way to give hope to others.

I love you for that , sweets, and I am really proud to say that I am your wife(y).


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