Tuesday, May 15, 2007


American Idol is on again, the rain poured down in the arvo, and the kids are going out to a friend's house tonight-in short, life continues on.

Except for me. I am the one putting up with well-meaning people asking how I am, or if I have summer plans.

What stupid things to ask.

Of course, I HAD summer plans with you, honey, but they will have to be altered to say the least.

On the work front, Michael S. has a new guy lined up to take over your graphics stuff.
His e-mail cut like a knife. How can anyone replace you, anywhere, in any capacity?
The infinite sadness of being apart from you is so palatable that it makes me physically ill.

This is some hard yakka, honey.
Really, really hard outback kinda yakka, ya know what I mean?
( said in my best NooYawk accent, the one that would always make you laugh...)

Some moments of the day there is not a damn thing that matters to me, Dazzy, except the twins and the dog. And, of course, you. I know I will always have you here with me, in my heart, but it is just not the same as being able to feel your arms around me and know that no matter what, I was loved.

God, how I miss that feeling. What I wouldn't do to have it again.

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