Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another Dog! No way...

Dear Dazzy,

We certainly don't need another dog. Our Ranger is just fine thanks.

Walking the other night, this bounding squirmfest came out from between the bushes a few houses down.

Followed Kath and I home. Would not go back from whence he came.

Insisted he come inside the house...

Where he has been for two days now.

I say I do not believe in signs because as much as I would like to, intellectually I know they are merely what we want them to be.

But on my couch right now sleeps a puppy-not six months old- with a handsome face, a black muzzle, pretty eyes-and yes, a prominent nose.

He is silly and goofy and sweet and loveable and has a tail not unlike a kangaroo! He is way too flexible and way too smart.
We have been calling him Skippy and/or Boomer , LOL

We put up fliers and info but no one has called for him.

I think he is staying :)

Know what he does that is really freaky? He laps the yard at night when he goes outside! Just like your beloved Arnie did in Box Hill. Spooky.

We know this dog is not "you" babe. Honestly, we know.

You live in our hearts. Maybe that is why we see you in everything, honey-because while your body is no longer with us, your essence/energy/love always is around.

I see it in the guise of Jupiter, shining every night when I walk around the park. I see it in the rainbow that snuck out of the lining of a cloudburst of rain today ( the first one I have seen in years). I see it in the trusting eyes of this puppy, his gaze so honest and open that I can't help but smile and think of you, honey. I know that if you were still here he would have a custom built dog house already. He would have a bowl and a leash and training would have commenced, LOL

We will do all that but at our pace. I believe this dog has come to stay.

Ranger, of course, is pissed off as all get out. Not impressed at all!
Hopefully he will accept Skippy? Boomer? whatever his name will be...

Love you Dazzy. Oh, and thanks for the puppy :)



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