Wednesday, June 20, 2007

what day is it?

Dear Dazzy,

I thought that all along today was Tuesday.
Reading my blog info, I see it is WEDNESDAY!
Talk about major brain farts! Jeeze...

My sleep was better last night than it has been.
Yoga and a good power walk helped-so I did that again today.

I also slogged through yet MORE paperwork but I think I may have made some headway-I am just waiting for two more items of yours to be handled and then your paper trail will let up. Another thing to be finished with-and even that will probably make me sad.

Then I get to do some more paperwork in Oz when I go at Christmastime.
God, that will be another round of sad times, eh?
It'll be grand to see everyone in Box Hill, etc , but what a bittersweet trip, honey. I'm just glad the kids will be with me. It will be grand to have your family and friends to help as well.

I couldn't do it alone, that's for sure.

I am slowly cleaning up the mess of the past two weeks with the guys and the tile stuff. I can use the kitchen again, YEA, and there are little changes going on as we speak. I will hang our photos in the hallway this weekend, and I am working on getting the garden under control.

The side garden that you and I started will continue-as a memorial to you, babe. I am getting a plaque made. and really, I may just bronze your runners :)
We will add a bench and a fountain-your FAVE thing; you couldn't wait to make one-and a gate/arbor thingy.

That will be my first woodworking project without your supervisory overseeing, LOL :P

I am looking forward to the project. It will help keep me busy.

I got to talk to lots of people today; I also got to workout, and watch a comedy show that was really funny-laugh out loud funny, babe, you would have been falling down laughing as well-and I think that those three things may be the combo I need to get through any day that does not include you. Of course, the comedy show included comics from Australia, so it made me smile a bit extra.
I miss your deep-voiced accent all the time, honey.

No one says "G'Day. Gorgeous!" to me anymore :(

Getting through the day is still a chore; sometimes it is a dreaded one, other times not. Motivation-the will to go on for a reason-it what I seek now.

I have some good reasons in that boy and girl who have dinner with me, who hug me when I am crying in the middle of the day just standing in the kitchen because I have asked, "What should I make for dinner tonight?" and I know it will just be the three of us instead of four.

Mikestar and Smashley would make you proud, honey. We are really taking care of each other, but they try and look out a bit extra for me, I can tell.

It's already past midnight and I should ne off to bed. I am still waiting to dream of you, and remember my dream. Why it is such an elusive thing these days is beyond me; you would think that I would be dreaming of you 24/7.

Wait. I think I do-it just with my eyes wide open, that's all...

G'night, loverboy-
Kisses, Wifey

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