Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Boomer and The Tiges!

Dear Dazzy,
We got Boomer a Richmond Tigers collar and bowl today-in your honor of course. I was happy when the package arrived. Boomie liked it as well, :P
Sad that that Tige's will get the wooden spoon for coming in LAST this year, lol, but hey we won't tell Boomer. It will be our secret eh?

I went to the grief counselor today and we talked about how to handle people when I go back to work in August. Basically I would like to say "rack off, hairy legs" but that won't be very polite, lol, so I will write an e-mail that should suffice. She thinks I am being reasonable and am moving in a good direct.
I just want to go to scream from the pain most days but I guess I hid that actuality well.

We also talked about Dr issues as well as honoring your memory with a Birthday dinner in September where everyone brings a written story about you and I can then compile them into a book.

I like that idea, babe.

Not sure if we can TELL some of the stories about you, honey, lol, lol, lol, but I will do my very best, ok?

I got some parts for the Sebring today to make her all pretty again-that knob that had fallen off, my visor clip, etc. Next up is taking care of the window and back deck-it has to be replaced EEEEK and it costs a heap o money!

We both know that $$$ means nothing in the end so I will have it done. I cannot bear to part with the car you gave me honey. Not now. Maybe later? Maybe never?

Who knows.

I am out of guesses.

I am working of the kitchen tomorrow and will get that all done by this weekend. Woohoo!

You would be PROUD of what I have gotten done, babe. Really proud.

Just like I was proud of your bank accomplishments, your promotions, your work ethic, your romantic side...and well just proud of you. I was always proud to be your wife, Daryl.
Two posts in one day-making up for my mini-vacation, :P
(I am off to bed now with both of the doggies-see the pix for a cute shot of our "boys")

Love you Dazzles-
Kisses, Wifey

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