Thursday, August 02, 2007

DOH! The Simpsons Movie!

Dear Dazzy,

Honey, we went to see the Simpson movie tonight-and we all laughed our butts off.
It felt good to do that!
The only thing missing of course was you, babe.

We used to joke that we WERE the Simpsons-you on the couch with the remote and junk food; Ash the serious green vegetarian; Mikey the "I hate school" kid, and me being Marge-like with the house and kid's stuff. :)

You and I watched the show a lot on TV-it comes on around the time you used to get home from work- it was either that or COPS, two such intellectual pursuits, LOL

We even bought you the Homer slippers one year for Christmas:P
They were classic. Kinda like you, honey. Stylish in a funky sorta way :)

It was good to go with the kids; we had salmon and veggies beforehand and skipped the million dollar candy at the place.
It's still weird that you were not sitting on my left, holding my hand and laughing out loud at the insinuations/innuendos/jokes running throughout the movie. Eating sour gummy worms and shhhhhhs-ing loud talkers. Damn.

So here I am posting an update to your/my blog while I have tea you didn't make, petting and talking to a dog you never met while I sit in your AC/DC pj's.

Soon I will watch a bit of Rove on youtube and then go off to bed. Hope I dream.

I actually did dream about things the other night but it was all about baby Derek, more than 22 years ago, not us or even just you. Probably in a weird way it WAS about my life now, the baby representing new beginnings. In my dream I brought him back to life-my fondest wish regarding you, my love-and then I didn't know what to do with him!

Hmmm no rocket science there. I can see that crossroads coming up-that "What do I do with my life NOW?" question poised to jump in my face any minute now.

What a grand question it is, too. WHAT WILL I DO? Do I change careers? Schools? Hair color?Where will I live when the kids graduate? Will I stay here? Go to Oz? Somewhere else?

I don;t want this much "freedom!"

In the movie, Homer and family go to Alaska, LOL
Somehow the prospect of all that snow and cold doesn't work at all for me, as you well know :P

I go about my "new" day-to-day routine that makes some sense to me right now and I will eventually contemplate those big questions thoughtfully and completely.

I usually try to see things they way you would have, babe, and that helps balance my conservative nature( Not politics, mind you, just nature, lol)

I learned from you how to smile BIG when screwing up and then people will forgive you just about anything, :)))))))

Just like Homer Simpson :)

Can I get a DOH!?

Oh and what was with the couch tonight honey? We came in and one side of it had been pushed WAY out of kilter-either you were visiting or Boomer has really been eating his Wheaties!

Well, from the rest of your Simpson-like family, we love you, miss you, and talk about you daily. We especially laughed at some scenes tonight that could have very possibly come from our family archives. That was "cool, dude."


Kisses, Wifey

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