Thursday, August 23, 2007

True Blue Tribute

Dear Dazzy,

Honey, today the tribute to you from Michael Salmon is up and posted-it's sad to see but it made me proud as well.
I am proud to have known a man as goodhearted, as talented, and as loving as you.
In Aussiespeak, you were "true blue," babe.

Here is the link for anyone else who hasn't seen it:

How I remember all the nights you would send me bits and pieces of the website when you were working on it; asking my opinion on colors etc but always defaulting to your intricate knowlege of color. Your color sense was second to none, honey.

I can't wait to have your paintings home here with me again...we left them in Box Hill because we were going to live there once again and -well, tht's all changed now hasn't it. :(

I have had a few crappy days and a few Ok days-seems to be par for the course now, and I have accepted that. I wish the kids and I-and Andrew, and all your friends, as well as your family-could get over the hurt in our hearts caused by your death.

You would never want to hurt a fly, Honey, and I am glad you probably don't know how we are all hurting still. We really look forward to a day when we can smile because you touched our lives, however briefly, instead of continuing to cry because you are not here anymore.

Tomorrow I am taking the kids to dinner and we will talk about the upcoming school year. They move on Sat-day, and Sunday will be another chapter in my life-Two dogs and Me! Could be a sitcom...the "Susan, Boomer and Ranger Show!"

It is going to be weird without you here at the start of a new school year honey. You have had my back for the last seven years as I returned to school/work/etc at the end of August. It's hard to believe it will be O.K. without my Aussie hunk-o-spunk ( I'm a K&K fan forever) to come home to.

Love you, Dazzy.
Kisses, Wifey

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