Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Just Tuesday

Dear Dazzy,

It's just Tuesday.
Slept til seven, OOPS a bit late
Boomie and Ranger fed and outside and back in again
Dress and makeup and straighten mop o' hair
Jeans today YEA
Breakkie and tea in between stoplights
Work by 8
Kids were fine
Tested all day
Checked in on Mates and Widows and Hotmail and MSN
Wasn't too bad at the Albertsons during break
Then teary-eyed and heavy-hearted all arvo
Grief monster sucks
Stopped at fabric store and shoe place after work-saw the guy who dyed my wedding shoes that pretty shade of pink :)
Heard " I'd give up forever to touch you..." on the radio/drive home
Sobbed and
Sobbed some more
Dinner of avocado, turkey bacon, apple-from the single chick's no-cook menu
Biggest Loser/Geek remote "LAST" button fight
Talked to KathUSA I miss her living here
Talked to MaryLou-my movie date for SAT
She misses you at work honey-
They keep seeing guys who remind them of you
Even made one pull in the drive-thru the other day, LOL
They are some pack at the big W eh?
Now on the comp for email, surfing, update blog-
X-mas is EVERYWHERE, even here
I wonder aloud how long this sadness is going to wrap around me
Like a musty blanket; scratchy and holey
It's way too big and I cannot fold it up and put it away yet
Hell, I cannot even find the edges or the box it belongs in
I miss you and I love you are so trite at this point
How do you say you still hold my soul and all that I am in the language of eternity?

Love you, Dazzy. Always.
Kisses, Wifey

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