Monday, December 17, 2007

Snowflakes and Taboo

Need a Snow Day?

Heres a neat little site that lets you make a snowflake and write a message attached to it-just click on the box to go to the link.
I made one for you, babe,'cause just like snowflakes, you are/were unique, specail one of a kind-and there's nothing I can give you this year for Christmas, but I hope you like this.

It's late and I have been to the W party at ML's and we had a pretty good time.
I didn't cry until I left the place, and even then it was only a bit-not bad for my first holiday outing without you by my side.

Although, I wonder if you weren't there in some form-we all played Taboo, and the card I drew was "BLOKE"-and no, I couldn't make that up if I tried, LOL
Second was "Land Downunder."

Swear it on my Mom!

When someone else had Whitney Houston, of coures they mentioned that song-
I Will Always Love You-the one the medium told me to pay attention to whenever I hear it.

So, was it really you honey? :P Or have I gone past that damn black stump...LOL

While that stuff is freaky and almost fun to look for, it never erases the cold hard truth of you not being here with me in the flesh.

Happy Christmas to me.

I think I would be allowed a Bah Humbug or two about now, ya think?

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