Sunday, February 03, 2008

Giants WIN! WooHoo!

Dear Dazzy,

I am sooooooooooo tired after all the outdoor work I did this weekend and the nailbiter that was the Giants WIN over that other team ( LOL) that I am off to bed e-a-r-l-y toinight-will update this more effectivly tomorrow night; had a freaky/weird happening the other night-I KNOW it was you, honey-and I need to scan some more pix etc etc etc.

What never changes is how much I miss you, how much I love you, and how I know you will be with me throughout the decades to come.

And somewhere, you and my Mom are doing the happy dance over the Giants' win-and that makes me smile :)

Love you, Dazzy. Always.
Kisses, Wifey

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