Sunday, March 09, 2008

Daylight Saving Time

Dear Dazzy,
Daylight Saving Time!

I Love it.

Another hour or so of daylight after 6pm is proof that spring is on her way, even if we had snow-TWICE-in one week here in the Metroplex.

Yes, twice in one week! Imagine!

Crazy....just like life, eh, babe?

I did heaps and heaps of work around the house here today.

That side garden is really coming along; its got all the "bones" in now and next will be the fence and flagstone.

I will be hurting bigtime tomorrow, LOL after lifting the bags of dirt, drilling screws into L-brackets and leveling everything in the process.
I am not as young and able as I used to be, honey. :P

Anyway, I did the front pots/beds) Hydrangea and hyacinths, my FAVE), weedstop on the entire lawn, swept, trimmed shrubs, etc.

I moved the birdbath after filling the middle of the raised bed square in the center of the vegggie garden, and was outside in sunshine for pretty much the entire day.

Oh yeah, since it is Sunday, I also detailed my car a bit.

I read on-line papers, a few blogs, and whatnot.

Did a crossword.

Walked Boomie and Range a huge distance.

They appreciated that tremendously, I can tell.

Basically , I lived another day-one that I was almost really happy in.

What a milestone that is!

Most days I just schlep from work to home to get ready for work again.

Today was great in a small and simple way. I'll take it.

Talked to the kids-and yes, Smash is much better after a Dr visit and an RX-, as well as Kath, Andrew, and touched base with Kay( online IM- gotta love MSN).

I am about to ring your Mum and see what trouble she has gotten herself into after falling twice in one week!! VAL....!

Once I did all the outside nonesense, I brought in some Easter things from the garage.

I like the house to reflect the seasons, and I know you did as well; two artists living in the same house was always a trip.

The last holiday we ever spent together was Easter; this year it is much too early for my liking, but I am glad it is not hovering in April at the same time.

It will be awful enough to have that one year marker to face, let alone having to do it alongside Easter as well.

Went to the movies with B last night. I know you would scold her, as she talks during the show sometimes. That never bothered me before with her, but I was so keenly aware that it wasn't you on my right-where you always sit with me in the movies-it was a bit unnerving.

I wasn't teary or anything, just wistful and much aware. Eric Bana was good as Henry the VIII; The Other Boylyn Girl is a good movie. You would have loved all the history and pagentry.

Maybe you were kinda there with us in spirit, eh babe?

Like before when the TV went off-I mean we have FIOS, it's always connected because of the fiberoptics- when I came in the house after doing all that outside work, while I was pushing out of my sneakers without untying them -like I always do-I stated out loud,

"I hope you're proud of how much work I did all by myself here today, Dazzy"-

and poof, the TV went off.

OK, then-I am happy ya heard me! LOL

Stuff like that happens all the time here now. It's both a comfort and a sadness.

Like last week in school, I was thinking about how it was a TAKS testing day at school and how your death came on the last test day of our usual week long TAKS struggle last year.

I was OK with it, now that our calendar is different, but I was aware of the day and its signifigance. As I was thinking about this, I turned the corner of the hallway on the way to my room, and there on the ground was a shiny new dime.

The sunlight had to be just the correct angle to hit it to make it shiny enough in order for me to even notice it...I have given up trying to explain these things. I just accept them now.

Whether they are signs from the great beyond or not, I am taking them as happy lil "g'days" from you.

I am actually saving all my dimes for a great bottle of Aussie blush to drink on what will be our 25th anniversay: June 23, 2027. So far, in ten and a half months, I've got about a buck.

You've got 19 more years to pony up those dimes, sweets.

Love You Dazzy. Always.

Kisses, Wifey.

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