Saturday, May 17, 2008

Boomer and Ranger, my "boys"

Just testing the picasa app that embeds pix here-want to test drive it before I am off ot Oz next month! I am going to blog about my adventures in the land-dowunder so people in the US can see how/what I am doing-Buying tix later on today; planning and whatnot to follow.

I am both happy and sad to be making this jump across the pond; so bittersweet to know that you will not be at Tullamarine, babe, standing head and shoulders above the crowd with that wickedly handsome grin and your NY baseball cap on, each of us looking for the other after a prolonged absense-sigh.

Not sure how I am going to get through this, but like eveyhting else you know I will, and I will be the better person for it. That's what people say, anyway...

I really have had rather decent days lately, only a spot here and there when I cry a bit about what we have lost-and really all we have lost is time , honey.
The love is still there, the bond between us doesn't feel severed in any way, it's just that you aren't next to me in bed/the car/the dinner table and it still-after 13 months time-still takes me aback that your spot is empty of your physical prescence.

Wonder if that feeling will ever fade? Hmmmm....

Not much of a post here really, I notice I am making them farther and farther apart-and that, I believe, may be progress?

I think I have explored my feelings here to a point of repetition, yet acceptance has come of that-while I will never accept your early passing as something
pre-ordained or good or needed, I can accept that it will be a while before we meet again.

I have three and a half weeks 'til school is OVER for 2008; I start back with my Master's stuff in September, and in between I will visit Oz and all our friends and family there and go to Austin to see Kath and she'll come up here, and maybe I will even visit other friends in the US.

Last year it was all about cocooning in our lil love nest;then I was in that fetal position, howling all rest of the summer; now I want to scout out locations for the next chapter in my book of life.
Moving is somewhere on my distant horizon; whether its going to be Oz or the Us or the moon, LOL, who knows? It's coming though-I can "feel it in me waters," like K&K say.

Another part of our Grand Adventure, eh babe? I know you will be with me wherever I deceide to go. But going is coming, LOL, and I am starting to look forward to that. Progress. Slow, but progress still...

Love you, Dazzy. Always.
Kisses, Wifey


Robyn said...

Dear Sue,

Still reading your posts and delighted to hear the little ray of sunshine in your voice. Good for you!! I hope your trip to Australia is good for you, I think you are very brave. PP (MUO) mentioned working at Brisbane's Expo in 1988 and it was on our drive back from visiting Expo that we heard that our daughter, Kellie had been killed in a car accident, so it bought back memories. Lovely to keep in touch with you.
Robyn (your Aussie mate in Canada)

Anonymous said...

SUe - xxxoo Zoe