Thursday, June 12, 2008

Melbourne Rocks!

Daz and Sue, at our house in Box Hill in much happier times....

Dear Dazzy:


After a 3 hour hop from DFW to LAX, a side trip to Santa Monica Pier, and 15-oh yeah, 15-hours over the Pacific flying @38,000 feet going waaaaaaay too fast for normal humans, I touched down at Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne right on time, 8AM, June 12.

The trip I have been both dreading and longing for has become my reality.
I am letting the emotions and the expectations of my journey lead me where they will.

It promises to be quite the expedition. I am not unlike the main character in The Alchemist; Paolo Cuehlo's gift of a book about the inner journey to oneself as mirrored in the outward trek. This trip is the culmination of my mourning rituals over this past year; finalizing a place to house my Dazzy's tangible things and putting to rest in my heart all the hopes and dreams that ended on this side of the planet for us on that fateful day in 2007.

This small 3 bedroom house in a MEL suburb has become my Mecca, my Holy Grail, my Northern Star. I have a small amount of time-less than a month-to make all things right with my universe in Oz.

Hopefully, it will be enough time.

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