Saturday, December 20, 2008

20 months

Dear Dazzy,

TWENTY! I didn't realize it straight away, but became aware of the date when I had to write something else on the calendar in the kitchen. TWENTY! It's all starting to take on the speed of a runaway fun house train. Widowland! Not for the feint of heart or the puny in spirit...

What I did get to do today, however, was play Santa :) and shop with Mikestar.
We got a few pressies, shopped for food, ran errands and out and about chores-all before the big chill comes back tonight; brrrr. It's been nice for a few days, and will be again after the next two; cookie baking is on the agenda for tomorrow and so is a sorting of all this Christmas Tree related.

I have decor in the dining room and on the mantle and in the kitchen and out front, but I just cannot bring myself to put up the tree. I think it's time to sort all the zillions of ornaments we have and start boxes for both kids.

The ornaments you and I collected-from where ever we traveled-might get put up next year. Maybe . That's a long time away, so I don't have to decide right now.
I have no way of knowing, at this point, if they will bring a smile or a tear, so we'll just let that sleeping dog lie for now, OK babe?

I also picked up my prints from the camera store-the ones of the baby pix I found of you back at the house in Box Hill. They were slides, from the early 60s, and I had ten of them put into photos. There is only one pix of a person I can't identify, LOL but that's fine. The rest are you as a baby/toddler, sooooo cute and cheeky!

I'll have to scan them all, but the golf one is probably my fave-you and your dad, "playing" golf; sadly both of you are now gone. Maybe you and Sam are still golfing a bit? That would make us all happy in a very small way.

Knowing the sports freak you grew up to be, it's a fun little foreshadowing, isn't it honey?

How could anyone have known that the adorable little boy in these pix would morph into the most loving man I have ever had the good fortune to meet?

While life is never fair, it really can be amazing, can't it, Dazzles?!

I am happy to have had a few chapters of amazing with you, sweets. Some people never even get one.

So I am enjoying the photos a bit, taking care of Smashers- glad we didn't go to LA with Pats and her daughter, that would have been awful with her sick-and deciding what to do with thwe rest of my two weeks off. I have the luxury of time, with no love to make the spending of it worthwhile. Damn!

Love you Dazzy. Always.
Kisses, Wifey.

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