Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Wishes..brought to you by the letter D!

Dear Dazzy,
It's Christmas in Australia already, and Chrissie Eve here in TX-so here is this year's offical Christmas Greeting from the W family...
Ok, look to the left of the tree-right above Mike's head-see that letter?
It's about ten feet high up close...Yes, honey, it's a "D"-for "Daryl," no doubt!

We all know it's the first letter in the name of the store on the second level in the mall -Dillards-but I couldn't help but smile when I saw how this pix came out.

You were the family photog, Dazzy; always had your camera in hand, even when some of us bitched about photos taken too early or too late or without make-up. Now, I try and remember to take that random odd photo that will make us smile in years to come.

Like this one... :)

We were at the local mall the other day, kids shopping, me wandering around with them, LOL, just to get out of the house because it was so cold-freezing temps in TX the week of Chrissie are not usual-and I stopped us all by the Santa display( he is on the other side of the tree), handed a random teen Mike's camera and then we all smiled as we said, "Happy Christmas!"

When I looked at the pix on the computer, that "D" jumped out at me like Rudolph's nose in the middle of a blizzard. What are the odds that the kid taking the pix would be at just the exact angle needed to capture ONLY the letter "D" in this shot?
Or that the three people who miss you so dearly would be standing just so in front of that decorated tree so only that letter would show up? Hmmm...

In Shakespeare's Hamlet, the following lines are said to Horatio, who doesn't fully believe that Hamlet has indeed seen/talked with his father's ghost-

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

I like to invoke this quote when I sense that people are thinking "Um, yeah...riiiiiiight" when I point out something weird like how I find dimes all the time when I am especially saddened by my acute loss, or when the radios/TVs/phones come on out of nowhere, or when a song comes on the radio as I try and drive through a waterfall of tears-like the other day, driving home after classes were done for the break when reality kicks in; c'mon, how many times do stations play bloody "Funkytown" in their December rotation?

And yet that was the song that came on last Friday while I began to fall apart; immediately I started to laugh-through a runny nose and crying eyes, babe, that is no mean feat!
You named "Funkytown" as a fave in some online survey thingy you sent to me way back in the day( circa very early 2000). You said you liked it b/c you "loved a good beat..." I thought it was way too Disco for me, but I liked the whole, "gotta move on" lyric.
Applies to us still, doesn't it honey?

So when I see things like the big letter "D" next to our Team Daz family in a picture that so obviously is missing their captain, babe, I just smile and think if anyone could pull this stuff off, lol, it would be definitely be you.

Happy Christmas? I don't know about that one...but while it is Chrissie, we'll remember the man who delighted in playing Santa every day...our "Big D!"
Pssst-our secret Santa covert operation was a total success-Mike and Dave delivered it, Ash helped organize, and I wrapped-it really made me feel like Christmas a bit. As always, the anticipation is always worse than the actual day!
Tonight I am off to MaryLou's for her annual open house. Yeah, I should be getting all spiffy to go out with YOU, I know, I know...and that really does sadden my heart.
All those good times we had-it's a wistful nod to the past that we shared as I get ready to go out tonight-alone.
I will be fine, though, because let's face it, it's a choice of fine or a finale- and that's not going to help anyone. I am strong enough to do this alone because you loved me so.
I know my worth because of you, sweets, and that's the one present that is truly priceless.
TA, Dazzles! Here's to Christmas wishes of love in our hearts and peace in our souls.

Love you, Dazzy. Always.
Kisses, Wifey.

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