Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ice Storm

Dear Dazzy,

Yep we got hit last night-and with all the school district that surround the place where we are CLOSED, I was shocked to find that my place was still OPEN!

Someone dropped the ball big-time here. The roads are treacherous, the sleet is coming down again this morning, and I almost wiped out in my lil convertible as I attempted to go to work early this Tuesday morning. YIKES!

After sliding through an intersection and seeing the crawl of the traffic, I turned around at first chance and chugged my way back into the safety of the Melyork's garage.

I called my boss-whose hubby took her to work in the SUV with 4WD-and said "Sorry, I can't make it in..."

I never take time off at the last minute like this. That damn puritan work ethic -or my narcissism, can't decide which-makes me feel really guilty for leaving my students in the hands of others. I know more than a few teachers probably called in as well, which doesn't help the overall school situation. Since I am NOT in charge, lol, I just have to roll with it.

My motivating factor now is that I am all my kids have-and my car is the only one "home."

If I have a wreck, and I have to have the car repaired, or me repaired, how do I do that alone?

Who would take care of our dogs? How would I get by on disability?( quick answer-I wouldn't!)How would I get to work w/o a car for a long time( Ok, rental, duh Susan, but you know what I mean, babe...)

I know you would have driven me in had you been here. Have to cancel an appt that I had for this arvo, and I will miss a meeting as well. No bank/grocery run either, but those can wait.

Remember when you first moved to TX in '02? We had ice that first winter on Valentine's Day

( it was '03 by then) and school was out for two days. You loved slip-sliding around in it all and took heaps of picture. We don't have those pix on this computer; the photo here was taken on Long Island during out NYC trip-while we don;t have as much snow, it certainly conveys the feeling outside today!

After the initial guilt, I am much more OK with the big picture of me not going to school today-the school will run just fine, my students will be fine, the universe will still expand with it's om-like cosmic breathings of expansion-and I know that it's not a big deal in the snapshot of my life.

Maybe it's good that I feel like this-it tells me I still care about something outside of me and the kids.

Good news is the kids got all their grades in-Go Ms Smashers and her 4.0 self!

Mikestar hits the boards with a solid 3.0 this semester, and a 3.5 overall-I know you are as proud as I am today, honey. May will be here before we know it-and BAM! They graduate!

Life will change drastically once again when that happens. It will be interesting to say the least.

I now have a whole day in which to do nothing, LOL; can't go anyplace with the weather( good thing is tomorrow will be in the 40s so this crap will melt by then) but I should be able to get through some filing and ( gasp) maybe a Chrissie card or two.

The kids are home ( yea) so I don't have to worry about them, lol, and I just know that the dogs are thinking, "Wait-is it Saturday already?"

Hot chocolate is calling my name, Dazzy. More weather updates later!

Love you, Dazzy. Always!

Kisses, Wifey.

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